Parents Vouchers

Great Savings!
Get $50 off per person for each tour by using your $50 NSW Parents Voucher!

1. Enter the promotion code Discover50 when you book online to get $50 off the upfront cost per person per tour.

2. Email us a screen print of one NSW Parents voucher per person at and we will complete your tour payment* using the vouchers before your tour.

* If a voucher has expired or is not able to be processed then an additional payment of $50 will be required on the day of the tour.

* Vouchers may be used until 9th October 2022, for travel up to 31st December 2022. Gift Vouchers also available!

* Multiple Parents vouchers can be used on each booking but this can not be done online. Please email us and we can make your booking and process the vouchers manually.

Parents Voucher